• Fall 2014

Sebastien James is more than a label. It’s an American style brand with international roots—and it’s built on the vision of Sebastien Scemla. The iconic men’s line reflects its founder’s deep aesthetic convictions, as well as the mathematical rigor he brings to constructing every detail of every shirt. It’s a formula that results in contemporary, head-turning classics.
Growing up immersed in France’s garment industry gave Sebastien an insider’s education, as he absorbed invaluable knowledge from his mother and grandfather—both steeped in the fashion business— from an early age. Perhaps the most important lesson: design with the consumer in mind, then strive for perfection in every detail.
It’s a lesson he took to heart. A Sebastien James shirt is more than meets the eye—though what meets the eye is stunning. Whether it’s the way a sleeve’s pattern aligns perfectly at the seam or the subtle but memorable detailing under the collar, each shirt is a collection of design elements that reveal themselves with each successive look.


Sebastien James featured in Maxim

August 19, 2014

  Sebastien James is building a fashion brand from the ground up. After concluding that manufacturing standards were slipping, the 39-year-old European entrepreneur decided to take matters into his own hands – well, his and Spanish artisans'. Today, the business-minded designer oversees the creation of high-end dress shirts and trousers at a constellation of family-owned factories in Catalonia. Finding tradition haberdashers skilled enough to realize his vision was no mean feat, but James, who grew up playing in his grandfather’s factory had a very specific idea of what manufacturing should look like. He knew that if he could make the sort of comfortable, stylish clothing he wanted to buy, he’d have no trouble finding customers.   We sat down with the... Continue Reading →